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Brent & Deborah Hancock

Owners and Operators

We began this crazy adventure with the founding of Bent Tree Lodge & Vineyard, our bed and breakfast.  Opening in August 2018, with no experience whatsoever, just sheer determination to provide guests the best possible service and experience in the North Georgia mountains.  Thankfully, Bent Tree Lodge has grown into a premier lodging destination with a 5-Star reputation.  

Together, we have a deep faith and belief that our property is meant to be shared with others.  Brent always held a vision of growing our business beyond the B & B, but was unsure how that might look.  "Vineyard" was included in our name at the inception, as we dreamed of one day planting vines on the hillside of the property. 

The vision of expanding our business was solidified while visiting Jackson Hole, WY in July 2020.  We scheduled a tasting at Jackson Hole Winery.  In response to COVID, their tastings were by appointment only.  We were greeted by a personal wine steward, seated and served in a way that immediately sparked the DREAM for both Brent and Debi.  This is it!  This is the personalized service we can offer in the growing North Georgia wine industry.  

Our desire is to offer guests a warm, welcoming environment to sip wine, stay a while and leave as friends.  Come discover our Wine for Happy Trails®.

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The Story of the Cairn 

Winery Jasper Ga

The name Cairn View Winery pays honor to Mt. Oglethorpe which is the ridge line we see along the back of our property.  This particular point was once the southern terminus of the Appalachian Trail.  The actual marker monument now sits on Main Street in downtown Jasper.  

In our research of the AT, we found that hikers build "cairns" out of rocks and stones to alert other hikers on the trail of potential resources or danger.  Thus our winery pays honor to the hikers that have crossed over the trails on or around our property.  The idea of a trail marker fits right in line with the name of our, on-site, bed and breakfast.  Bent Tree Lodge was named in honor of the Cherokee and Seminole Indians whom inhabited this property before us.  They bent trees in our community as trail indicators similar in meaning to the cairn.  

Much like a hiker would see along trails in the north Georgia mountains, we will carry a theme of nature throughout Cairn View Winery.  You can expect to see stone, wood, botanical and animal inspired decor inside, outside and within our two guest suite addition.  We are excited to be expanding the operations of Bent Tree Lodge upon the winery completion giving guests an opportunity to sip and stay.  We look forward to sharing our Wine for Happy Trails with family, friends, our guests and community. 


Follow along with us on social media to track progress and hear first hand all of the important announcements. 

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